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sylvia plath-look alike contest

goodtime jesus

5/10/09 06:13 pm - ghostship

Get Your Own Free Hypster.com Playlist.

2/7/09 01:12 am - nuff said


how are there not lolpulis?  Seriously though, even though I feel sorry for them for looking so ridiculous, how disgusting would it be to pet one? 

9/29/08 02:23 pm

would rather listen to the supremes and make lasagne but i can't remember if my next lecture is mandatory or not

9/28/08 06:19 pm

-blank cds
-hairclips, ties, bobby pins

oven-bakeable clay

9/22/08 01:42 pm - best thing ever

my 10 yr old "step-sister" to my cousin:

Dear laura,
Ana wants her car
Back. She wants it back
Cause she said you broke
The television in her car. We
Would like to know if you did.

all the texts his girlfriend's kids send read like haikus. enid is ten and cosette is 7. here's some more:

Hi jaimie
This. Is. Daddy. I. Picing my nose I
Laughing like a dork.I'm the. Wort
Of the world (billy) I'm the worst
Daddylove dad

Dear. Jaimie
I. MIiss. You. On. The. Plane. The. Was. A cupple. In. School. I love. U
Love. Cosette

This is me enid.
Do you want
To go to ucla?
I miss you.

9/21/08 01:26 am - last day of freedom

 i have nothing to do tomorrow; i can stay up as late as i want and sleep until the light from my blinds wakes up my body. 

9/21/08 12:51 am

 ps: no one will hire me here because they think i'm a boy! 

9/20/08 03:54 pm - i don't usually feel homesick, but

'they stopped under a clump of bananas, the fruit of which, as healthy as bread and as succulent as cream, was amply partaken of and appreciated' - Jules Verne, Around the World in 80 Days

9/17/08 10:56 pm

i am searching for something to read or see or experience that will loosen up the matter in my brain that has stilled and hardened for 5 years. sometimes it feels like i'm inside the eyes of everything, unable to see anything except the faintest outline of my nose or a fresh, stray hair.

i've decided to make use of all the software my mac came with, and my limited musical abilities. what are some popular songs that would make good lo-fi covers?!

9/16/08 11:48 am - apocalypse

finally moved in. i'm getting used to the sounds of my apartment, the creak of the floors and the tv in the next flat that stays on until 1am, the guitar music i can't tell is from a stereo or is real. last night at 2am i heard a crashing sound, like heavy magnets being dropped on a floor when it suddenly occured to me that it might be the plink-plonk sound of the world ending. then fell to sleep and dreamt i was in an old-fashioned sitting room with pictures in gold frames of my family, except that each portrait was a portrait of some horribly disfigured person.

i think if the world does end, it will probably be awesome. my roommate told me the first sign would be when a light shines out of the indian ocean.



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